Random Reasons Why I Love My Job – The Joy of Languages


Part of this crazy and wonderful journey that began when THE KEEPER OF LOST THINGS sold across the world, has been seeing my words translated into so many different languages. As an author, I love words. I love discovering new words. Give me a big, fat dictionary and it will keep me happy for hours. On Friday, Mr Peardews Sammlung der verlorenen Dinge will be published by Ullstein in Germany. In France, it’s Le Gardien des choses perdue, and in Norway Vokteren Av Tapte Ting.  Tapte Ting! Doesn’t that sound lovely? Doesn’t it just roll off the tongue?! I’ve tried to learn to say as many of my foreign titles as possible. The South Korean, Russian and Serbian editions have proved a bit tricky (different alphabets!) but I do know that in Russian my first name is Pym, and in the Czech Republic my surname is Hoganova. I’ve also had the privilege of working one-to-one with some of my translators and I’ve been completely in awe of their care and attention to detail – their desire not only to translate the words, but also to capture the spirit of the story. I’ve had emails at all times of the day and night from these lovely people, grappling with interpretations of ‘folly fonts’, ‘dancing drome’ and ‘sausage rollovers’, and they have, without exception, been an absolute joy to work with.



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