Random Reasons Why I Love My Job – Reason 1

It’s no secret that I love my job. In fact, it feels a bit of cheek to call it a job when I love doing it so much. But then, I do have to earn a living, and I probably work longer hours as an author than I have in any other job. Yesterday, I was looking forward to a whole day working on one of my books. A whole day in my own little world. It wasn’t to be. Yesterday was a rotten tomato of a day. It was as though I’d been promised champagne and given flat lemonade (with a dead fly in it for good measure). There was one interruption after the other. I was called out to give a lift home to someone who, when I arrived, told me he didn’t actually need a lift after all. When I got back, I couldn’t find a single parking space in my street and had to park round the corner. Back home, the large dog (elderly, still gorgeous, but doesn’t always make it outside in time) hadn’t made it outside in time. Cue for carpet shampoo, rubber gloves and half an hour spent on my knees. I actually sat down at my desk just after midday. Minutes later, a courier came to the door to deliver a parcel. In an attempt to restrain the large dog, our heads clashed. The large dog has a head like a brick. He didn’t even blink. I saw stars and almost passed out. The resulting headache was horrible and it still lingers today along with a nice, purple bruise. I didn’t get much work done and by the time the husband arrived home I had turned into a thoroughly grumpy goblin.

But then…

I received a message via Instagram. (I’ve only recently realised that I can receive direct messages on Instagram, so apologies for all the late replies!)  The message was from someone who calls herself ‘a crazy fan living in outback Australia’. She told me that she had read The Keeper of Lost Things and absolutely loved it. She said lots of lovely things including that she was really looking forward to my next book, but one thing she said struck home. She said that she loved the fact that KEEPER had a happy ending because ‘Real life is hard enough’. Yesterday real life sucked, but her message turned my day right back from flat lemonade into a champagne cocktail with a sparkler. I have been lucky enough to receive messages of praise and support for KEEPER from Canada, the US, Australia, Czech Republic and the UK and each and everyone of them are special and very much appreciated, but yesterday the one from my ‘crazy fan’ half way across the world in the Australian outback completely made my day!

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