The Keeper of Lost Things Book Signing – Eagle Bookshop 28th January 2017

Following the launch party on the 26th January, we held a book signing in The Eagle Bookshop on Saturday 28th January. Fortunately, there were some cakes left over from the party to use as bribes, but in the end, bribery was unnecessary. Peter – the bookshop proprietor and my friend and writing partner of many years – very kindly and for the first time ever agreed to stock copies of a new novel – THE KEEPER OF LOST THINGS! The Eagle Bookshop is an antiquarian book shop and its usual stock includes rare first editions and beautifully bound vintage volumes, so it was a privilege for KEEPER to be rubbing dust jackets with such lofty company! Pete’s wife Liz, who is training to be a book binder, made me a beautiful pair of earrings – perfect miniature copies of The Keeper of Lost Things – especially for the occasion. Lots of lovely people turned up, including one lady called Julie Harris who had contacted me previously via Instagram (or maybe Twitter?) Julie had been on holiday in Menorca last summer, and she had found a pre-publication proof copy of KEEPER at Tramontano Park, the hotel where she was staying. ( Incidentally – the shoes I wore for the signing matched the cover of the proof perfectly, but I digress…) Julie read it, loved it (her words not mine!) and contacted me to tell me the story of how she came across the book. I was so pleased to finally meet Julie at the book signing! She wore her sunshine yellow coat in honour of my character, Sunshine, and I have promised to talk to her writers’ circle (The Tring writers’ Circle) at The Eagle Bookshop later on this year. You may wonder why, included in the photos that accompany this post, there is a picture of someone’s house, with a hazy figure seated at the upstairs window. This lady came to the signing, bought the book, took it home and began reading immediately. From my seat in the book shop I could see her reading my book. It was a special moment.

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